Foot and ankle pain can strike at any time, making it difficult to take a walk, visit the gym, or participate in other activities you enjoy. At Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, Nicolas Manriquez, DPM, FACFAS, treats all ailments that affect the foot and ankle, including disease, trauma, and congenital abnormalities. To make an appointment at the practice in Katy, Texas, call the office and speak to a friendly staff member or book online.

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What is foot and ankle pain?

Foot and ankle pain refers to any swelling, stiffness, or general discomfort that affects your feet or ankles. Often, it’s due to overuse or general wear-and-tear, but it can also point to more serious underlying health problems like arthritis, tendonitis, or a fracture.

Most cases of foot and ankle pain respond to conservative at-home treatments like ice, rest, and elevation. If your symptoms last for longer than a week or they interfere with your quality of life, contact Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC right away.

What are the signs of foot and ankle pain?

Common signs of foot and ankle pain include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Difficulty bearing weight on the affected foot or ankle
  • Burning pain
  • Stiffness

If your pain is due to nerve damage, you might also experience numbness, tingling, or difficulty balancing.

What causes foot and ankle pain?

Foot and ankle pain occurs for various reasons, including:

Lifestyle choices

One of the leading causes of foot and ankle pain is wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. If your shoes are too tight or don’t provide adequate support, routine activities like walking can put stress on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. You might also experience foot and ankle pain due to an intense workout, failure to warm up properly, or poor posture.

Medical issues

A variety of medical issues trigger foot and ankle pain, including arthritis, diabetes, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, and warts. You’re also more likely to experience foot pain if you’re pregnant or overweight.

How is foot and ankle pain diagnosed?

To diagnose foot and ankle pain, the team at Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC physically examines your feet and ankles and asks about your symptoms. Next, they have you perform a series of easy exercises to determine your range of motion and to assess your muscle strength and reflexes.

If the team suspects your pain is the result of an underlying problem that’s not visible to the naked eye, they might order X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI. These diagnostic imaging procedures can detect problems affecting the bones, joints, or soft tissues in your feet and ankles.

How is foot and ankle pain treated?

Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC uses conservative measures to treat foot and ankle pain whenever possible. Depending on the underlying cause and severity, they might recommend:

  • Icing the affected area
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication
  • Wearing heel pads or inserts
  • Custom orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Activity modifications

If these measures don’t provide relief, surgery may be necessary. The team offers both traditional and minimally invasive procedures that can restore your mobility and improve your quality of life.

To further explore treatment for foot and ankle pain, make an appointment at Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC. Click the online booking tool or call to speak with the administrative team today.